Centers for advanced reserch into
the mobility infrastructure to bring about Society 5.0

The R&D Center for Frontiers of MIRAI in Policy and Technology is an open laboratory center for full-scale industry–university–government cooperation, where research and social implementation that aim to develop the future social infrastructure of local society are promoted. By holding up Division of Policy and Planning Sciences as the core, we will provide specific policy recommendations and promote their social implementation, to solve the economic and social issues of local society by coordinating the interdisciplinary work of the University of Tsukuba, the advanced technologies of several groups of business entities, and the verification experiment of the municipality. Above all, from the perspective of the image of future local society, where people, society and nature co-exist, we will carry out the most intensive research on the next-generation automobile traffic technology service, to realize active life where all people are able to move without personal or regional differences. In addition, we, as the center of the research, will proactively foster collaboration among industries, universities, and regions.

Open Laboratory

Message from the Director of Center

センター長 山海  嘉之
Director of CenterSANKAI Yoshiyuki

Human centric future city and
regional revitalization.

The R&D Center for Frontiers of MIRAI in Policy and Technology(F-MIRAI) has established with the concept of “the next-generation Mobility Platform” bring about Society 5.0 in cooperation University of Tsukuba with Toyota Motor Corporation.
As the program director of the Funding Program for World-Leading Innovative R&D on Science and Technology (FISRT) and the Impulsing Paradigm Change Through Disruptive Technologies (ImPACT), I have accomplished for a pioneer of the future making.
From now on, I am responsible for the center of director and the next challenge for pioneer of the future making in the concepts of “basic desires of human being as freedom of movement”.
This research center is continuously proceeded the formation of the organizational industry–university–government cooperation base by an open innovation platform with the Division of Policy and Planning Sciences, the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, and Center for Cybernics Research.
This center cooperated with Toyota Motor Corporation is attempting fruitful achievements with the theme of FY2020, “Social application of mobility innovation and future societal researches ―human centric future city and regional revitalization―”.

SANKAI Yoshiyuki
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